The FCMS provides its students with a variety of facilities and options to experiment with modern day communication technologies.

The Media Center
The Media Center consists of Radio EMU, EMU TV and the EMU News Center. Students can participate in the creation and making of radio or TV programs or in news production activities, all providing areas of practice in the preparation to professional working conditions.

Radio EMU and EMU TV broadcast on a daily basis with several hours of programs, all done by students.

Gündem and Gündem.net
Gündem is the faculty's monthly newspapers prepared by students. Gündem's online version is Gündem.net, a daily updated news portal covering local, regional and university news.

Photography Studio
The photography studio supplies students with an interest into photography. Conventional photography as well as digital photography equipment is provided.

Multimedia Studio
The newly established Multimedia Studio is a professional environment that provides the latest technology that is required for the creation of digital computer-mediated art. Student can apply their knowledge and develop their skills in areas such as animation, computer graphics and web design.

PRA Studio
The PRA Studio is a facility provided for students of the PRA department. Here, student can develop campaign ideas and apply these by using the provided equipment. Students create and design everything, from flyers to newsletters and from posters to brochures.

Computer Labs
The Faculty provides dozens of computers for leisure-time use. Students can go to the lab and enter the internet at any time.

The Green Hall
The Green Hall is a fully equipped multimedia conference hall. It is always the center of attraction with the many events that happen there. Film screenings, exhibitions, installations and conferences are a part of the daily life at the FCMS thanks to this multi-functional facility.

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