The intention of the Department is to provide a curriculum of core courses and general education courses that develop the students’ creative and technical skills as well as design, and broaden the horizon of our graduates through these theoretical, ethical, and critical perspectives. A distinctive feature of the Department will be to prepare future professionals who have the advantage of an education in a multi-cultural and inter-disciplinary academic environment that enables them not only to use all the new communication technologies in artistic and creative ways, but to use them responsibly and intelligently.

Students who graduate from the program will have a portfolio that includes his/her productions accomplished during their education such as web designs, and multi-media designs. They will have learned how to present these works when applying for a job in the media sector. Additionally, through taking elective courses from other departments of the Faculty, graduates will enrich their skills in different media and broaden their intellectual horizons.

We aim to graduate students who are able to use their technical and creative skills for new media productions in an efficient, skillful and artistic way; have a wide intellectual horizon that they earn through theoretical courses formed according to liberal arts concepts and that help them not only to become the best skilled, but also pro-active professionals in their field. The program’s focus will be on both provoking the students to be as imaginative as possible and giving them all the opportunities to realize their artistic and intellectual potential. Students will be prepared for their future through several multi-media productions, developing a portfolio of their creations that may allow them to get better jobs after they graduate.

The aim of the Department of Visual Arts and Communication Design is to create an interdisciplinary educational environment that promotes the integration of both artistic and technical skills as well as cultivates an ethical sense of responsibility. Within this context, the program offered will guide students to produce original and unique projects using digital media in such special fields as TV, video, and cinema. Students will also learn how to transform new and recent communication technologies into a creative/artistic process, and to analyze the products in the field from a critical and artistic point of view.Graduates of the program will gain an interdisciplinary approach in the field of Communication Studies, and will be skilled in both creative and efficient uses of the new media technologies in several areas such as TV, film, web design, 3D animation, advertisement. They will become ethically responsible communication professionals who use their skills responsibly, concerned about the wider consequences of their actions. Such students will not only meet the immediate expectations of the media sector, but will become graduate professionals who will be pro-active in shaping it.

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